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Make It Rain

Finest $100 print rolling papers and pre-rolled cones have arrived.

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BENJI papers uses lab-tested, food grade vegetable oil for coloring. No toxic ingredients are used.

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Smooth Hit

Benji papers are the finest papers of its kind. We use the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers.

Slow Burn

Benji papers are not only luxurious; They're also very slow burning papers. You just have to give them a try to see for yourself. 

100 Dollar Bill Print

Using organic vegetable coloring, each Benji pre-rolled cone and rolling paper has a similar print to a $100 bill, in a smaller scale and a few Benji branding details.
Benji booklet


Each booklet comes with 20 sheets of BENJI papers with tips, beautifully packaged in an all black and gold paper wallet with geometric pattern across.

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Benji cone


Not in the mood to roll? BENJI got you covered. Now available, BENJI pre-rolled cones in glass tubes. Each box comes with 24 glass tubes with 3 cones inside. That’s 72 cones per box.

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What are the ingredients used in Benji papers?
We use organic vegan oils for coloring of our papers. The actual papers are made using the bast of the dried hemp stems. The bast contains the most desirable fibers that allow for the cleanest & slowest burn in rolling papers. This is an entirely natural process to convert the plant into it’s final product, which is all of the Benji rolling paper and cone products.
Can I use Benji papers as cash?
Benji papers are strictly used as novelty rolling papers and cannot be used as an actual currency anywhere in the world.
Do you offer wholesale orders?
Yes we do. Please fill out the form available on our wholesale tab and we'll process your application within 24-48 hours.